2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Review And Release

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The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse is already a car to remember. This is the latest Mitsubishi developed for the merger with Renault and Nissan, and that is about Mitsubishi with the introduction of a new, glorious time of the brand. Nice language, but first of all driving a car. A solar Eclipse can be a dark affair, it always comes in the dark. What lights should the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse brings to Mitsubishi’s 100th anniversary? The compact crossover is also the first Mitsubishi that has been completely new for a long time. A good birthday present for her, but above all an investment for the complete and modest brand. It is urgently needed because Mitsubishi has not been easy in recent years. At the end of 2016, Mitsubishi was part of the Renault Nissan Group. The alliance will give the brand access to new markets and technical developments.

Look at the front of the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse and you will soon see the Outlander DNA. The top stop is very similar to what we expect the Outlander to raise after moderate power. There are similar chrome inserts on either side of the grille that come from the light of your lighthouse and can return to the outer edges of your fascia. The headlights are higher in the middle and are satisfied with the Topraster with two chrome fins. There is a large opening directly under the nasal area before a separator lies between the release of the key and the lower oxygen barrier. For every aspect there is a huge fog light that can be bigger than the Outlander or Outlander Sport. This bonnet is simple and not very exciting, but has a number of muscles that can connect the wings, bonnet and interior of the headlamps. Walking backwards; there are all kinds of curiosities. The rear window is round or “curved,” as expressed by Mitsubishi. A curved projection is activated when a strange strip of light is connected to the two triangular and three-dimensional taillights. Why Mitsubishi made the decision to have a soft tire on the entire rear window remains a mystery, but it works somehow. The tailgate is apparently reset by the sharp but curved blade of the hindquarters. On the ground floor, this black tone, which less covers the vehicle tire, expands somewhat and becomes the rear panel. In the middle is a large golden square surrounded on each side by lighting and a reflector.

While the interior of the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse is far from anything in the Mitsubishi collection, and in many cases contains a German infotainment screen, it still seems to be made up of cheap and mediocre components. Of course, plastic sources that are more affordable to individuals are often limited to shelves and blank because the seats are wrapped in reliable leather and held together by contrasting seams. The collections of the table work very well and it is remarkable how Mitsubishi has succeeded in combining this high-end range with individual door panels to create an enveloping look that gives the impression of the environment. The center console stands out a bit, but by that time Mitsubishi did not opt ​​for a screen on the map, preferring a tablet PC to a much more German screen than the United States. It has three effect buttons on both sides, just as the actual screen sound corresponds to the backlight of the instrument panel and the HVAC management display.

The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse is currently only available with the recently developed 1.5-liter turbo injection (direct and indirect) that we drive today. We have the most expensive and it has four-wheel drive (S-AWC) and CVT. Such a distributor would like to ride high on the tour and give it an artificial feel, but there is no doubt about it. Mitsubishi has adapted it well. Thanks to the flexibility of the engine (250 Nm in a very wide range), intensive work is not required. For those who want a little more, there is a kind of automatic program with eight tracks that can even be operated by pinball machines. The overall picture is a very nice transmission line and the base is just as thick for each other as long as you drive a minimum of miles. On winding roads with temperate asphalt, note that the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse is less sharp and refined than most competitors. In particular, the damping of the rear axle is somewhat insufficient, so that the back of the pits can make an important step. The S-AWC has three positions that differ by the power distribution between the front and rear axles or, in particular, the range in which it can vary. By default, car is between 80/20 and 55/45 (v / a), the gravel between 80 / 20-45 / 55 and in the most demanding conditions up to snow between 70/30 and 40/60.

The price is now like a puzzle, but we understand that the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be available in the UK in the first quarter of 2019. Price information will be scarcely available in the last quarter of 2018, but should not be significantly different from designs such as Tucson and Sportage. Expect to pay $ 22,500 and up to $ 32,000 for the number of clips and for some products in the product line at the top of the product. Of course we will update the prices with each offer. Please check the official costs for 2019.

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