2019 Lexus RC Review And Release

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Just like Shapelier’s recently innovative segment, but with much less responsive off-road vehicles, a rather opposing group of cars have come under the protection of the collection: two luxurious entry doors with only very realistic engines. When they turn out to be great athletes, they lose a lot of energy to finally contact them. The 2019 Lexus RC, with its unmistakable RC, is one of the last of its kind and has joined the 2016 model year range: after the Turbo Route of the Lexus IS Sedan, it is the most affordable model in radio communication. It also shares its four temperate induction tubes the NX, IS and GS.

The 2019 Lexus RC remote is about 185 inches long and more than the IS sedan and, like this car, offers a platform with the slightly larger GS sport sedan, though the belly is based on the IS C convertible and the rear new IS sedan 2014. A less inch wheelbase gives the proportions of both cars a different look; It offers a much more rearward appearance, again the physical appearance, with a relatively noticeable power, not only for Lexus, but also for any brand looking forward to the segment.

The right power, however, is all elegance, with a fantastic metal fender side, a soft roofline and an outdoor deck with a remarkably efficient shape that misses the sensible level of intimacy of the brand. The sporty alloys 18 and 19 “strain the wings nicely and create a strange situation.” Inside, the multi-story cabin looks like the latest IS, and GS is also re-presented below, with distinctive features such as wood, hard and textured leather. The interior offers high-quality products that eliminate the darkness that comes with the sad looks of forerunners. The first session is extremely useful: the 2019 Lexus RC was the first Lexus to be the first to introduce Lexus’ latest blind watches, the fast ones representing cars that drive races identify the approach. The contact Lexus uses a touchpad in a situation of a computer that works meticulously, as the control used for Remote Contact is the gaming system used for details such as audio, navigation, and system functions.

The engine is a 2.0-liter two-line turbocharger that delivers 241 horsepower at 5800 rpm and 258 lb-ft of torque at 1650 rpm. The engine is coupled with an automatic water transfer of 8 to 10 steps, which concentrates its efficiency on the rear wheels and possibly driven by pallets. Unlike some opponents of the 2019 Lexus RC, there is no way to build all the wheels or a manual transmission in the RC. The difficulty of 3796 pounds more than the ATS, A5 or 430i dampens the turbo remote’s response, and as a final result, the car will not quite match the appearance of its outward appearance. We did not record 60 mph of 6.7 seconds and 15.1 seconds of full distance at 96 mph for one hour. In the evaluation, the Mercedes-Benz C300 reached a speed of 60 km / h in 6 seconds. The latest BMW CoupĂ© (428i) we rated was in 5.5 seconds. Braking was not enough, with a stop of 171 feet (70 mph) and a packed pedal feel. The competition, in which we all know the high-performance tires in the summer, has improved considerably, the C300 only needs 157 feet and the 428i 164 feet. With the F-Sport package, which has summer tires and an improved braking system, the radio graphically controlled space generally closes this room with a final result of 165 feet.

The new 2019 Lexus RC costs $ 43,715 including shipping and delivery. Lexus offers F sports, premium and luxury RWD and AWD models.

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