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The current Pilot generation is still one of the best-selling three-row crossovers on the American market. His main selling point seems to be the interior of the van, without having to look like one. To keep it on the map, it seems Honda will release a new version in the near future. This is the renewal of the average life of the car and is likely to come on the market with the 2019 Honda Pilot. So far, details about this new model are still rare. However, Honda will likely update its look and interior and give it a slightly better engine. The end result should be cheaper and better driving and provide a more relaxed driving experience.

The regular version of the 2019 Honda Pilot will not change much. Some have suggested that the car may be closer to the design of its truck counterpart, but so far nothing has been confirmed. The short wheelbase model is likely to have smaller three-quarter rear windows, a slightly different bumper, and possibly a new tailgate. Only because of this could the car appear more aggressive, which is usually desirable in its category. Honda also saw a black version of the Pilot in 2015. Previously, this model was not available for sale, but this could be in the next revision of 2019. They expect black accents, larger wheels and possibly new headlights and taillights.

The current 2019 Honda Pilot driver is actually one of the best crossovers in its class. It will not change, so you need to keep this title. However, the update may come with a redesigned infotainment system, a volume control and possibly a higher resolution screen, possibly new interior accents such as real aluminum and possibly even wood. The expectation is that the 5-seater version of the car will have the same design on the dashboard, but it has a number of sliding rear seats with different adjustment options.

With 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque, it’s not the most powerful in its class. Nevertheless, he manages to get the Pilot fast enough at 60 km / h and is not the most inefficient engine on the market. Despite all this, it seems to be an update. Although these are just rumors, it is likely that the next 2019 Honda Pilot will turn to the turbo. It is very likely that the car will receive the new 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine from Honda, which has made a big impression on Accord and Type R Civic. In this particular application, the engine must produce a torque of about 300 hp and 300 lb-ft. Best of all, it delivers that performance and is more efficient than the V6. A 10-speed automatic also helps to make it easier for the driver to drive.

Since the previous model costs $ 30,595 and the CR-V costs $ 24,045, we can assume that the next 2019 Honda Pilot will have a price somewhere in between. We can expect it to appear before the end of 2018 and this should happen in September.

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